Build Launch Sell

Create And Sell Online Courses

What Is Build Launch Sell

Build Launch Sell, is a fixed term community (cohort) set up with the sole purpose of helping you to create online courses.

We'll cover:

• Research
• Audience Acquisition
• Planning
• Creation Methods
• Course Creation
• Course Delivery
• Launch Methods
• Evergreen Sales
• Where To Sell Your Course

Plus anything else connected to creating and delivering courses

Who Am I?

I am Mark Thompson and i've been creating courses for 18 of my 20 years as an Online Marketer.

In that time I have created around 100 courses for my customers and for other more well known marketers.

I have courses that have been making sales regularly for 8 years and others which I sell for a weekend and then archive.

I've done launches that bombed and launches that made 50K in a day.

Most of all I love creating courses and teaching people about Online Marketing.

What Format Is Build Launch Sell?

Build Launch Sell will be hosted in a Skool Community, This will allow us to have daily discussions and for me to deliver video training and answer questions & provide daily advice as I take you through the process of building, launching and selling your course.

However I plan for Build Launch Sell to be more than just a community with some video training.

I am looking at the viability of potentially recruiting staff that can help you to create and market your courses.

Community Duration

The Initial Duration for Build Launch Sell is 3 -4 months (April - July) which should be enough to get your first course created and launched and then set up as an evergreen product.

However Plan B is to extend it indefinitly if the community is active and we have potential future members who want to join.

In the case of an extention launch members will be grandfathered in with lifetime access.

Who Is Build Launch Sell For?

Build Launch Sell is for Online Marketers who want to have an evergreen offer that they can promote.

You will get all the help advice and training that you need to create good quality courses that will be in demand.

You will need around 5-10 hours a week while you are working on your Course after that 30-60 minutes a day will be all you'll need.

Build Launch Sell is NOT for you if you just want to watch other people do work while you procrastinate.

Additionally you should not sign up if you aren't open to considering any advice you may get.

Creating and selling courses can be easy if you give your audience what they want. It can also be a thankless task if you try to sell them what you think they want!

You Have Nothing to Lose

No matter what happens in the future you will get everything you need to build and market an online training based Online Business.

Launch Spaces are limited and you will never get access at such a low price again.